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Medicine Prescription

Medicine and Healthcare

Disruption usually involves new market entrants creating products that bring in new consumers, but in health care everyone is already a consumer. In this case disruption will shift care from hospitals to clinics and office settings, and even into patients' homes. This will make national healthcare, drug development, state involvement, and diagnoses (and patient treatment) more efficient. Especially in the time post-COVID-19, we are bound to see a ot of positive changes in this field.

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Transport and logistics

Automotive especially with the dawn of electric vehicles is possibly one of the 'sexiest' topics of discussion these days. The biggest change that has already occurred in the automotive industry as a result of technology is that of autonomy. Manufacturers are in the process of developing self-driving cars on a larger scale. Shipping and transportation are core to our globalised world and disrupting and innovating them is key to our future.

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Manufacturing and Industry

A manufacturer disrupts the industry by shifting the goods it produces to meet a new category of needs? By effectively creating value through strategic risk management, organizations can find insight and opportunity. They can also derive value by consistently making better decisions and outperforming competitors. Industry 4.0 is the key to streamlining processes, optimising production, and effective automisation of manufacturing.

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Media, PR, and Campaigns

Disruption leads to the emergence of new ideas and expectations and requires PR, media, and campaigning professionals to be creative and innovate. Disruption in this vertical happens because of technology, gadgets, automation of processes, social media, or innovations in terms of products and services. Thanks to this, campaigning, outreach, content creation, and community building gain a different grassroots and knowledge-sharing dimension, previously unseen in these traditional outlets.

Fashion Rail

Retail and Consumer Markets

Traditionally, disruptive retail was conceived of as a design solution that bridges online-to-offline retailing. However, with the collapse of high-street shops, especially in the UK, more sophisticated disruption is needed in terms of logistics, supply chains, and delivery. Our great network of commercial partners is at the forefront of this disruption.

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Defence and (cyber)security

Cyberattacks are evolving and so must cybersecurity. Hackers, and the methods they use, are getting smarter. Big Data, while bringing positive disruption to business and society, has made it harder for organisations to keep track of information. Machine learning, IoT innovations and other mechanisms are at the front lines of modern defence strategies.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Power, energy and ecology

The energy sector is undergoing widespread disruption. Technology is advancing rapidly while new business models are emerging. Government policies and public attitudes and behaviour are continuously evolving. The pathway to a sustainable future for energy companies is highly complex and uncertain, with numerous interconnected, non-linear trends creating both threats and opportunities.

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Science and technology

Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) is essential for economic development and social progress. In order to ensure that scientific progress is nurtured and taken into account at all levels of governmental decision-making, we need to promote the development of science governance structures and mechanisms as well as ensure funding and the popularisation of scienceand technology in society.

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Sports and Gaming

Sports and gaming, in many ways the 'bread and circuses' of our times, are undergoing a revolution. Augmenter reality, virtual reality, and the huge shakeup of COVID to the sporting industry especially are causing these fields to disrupt and innovate more than ever before. Get in touch to find out what technologies and strategies are at the innovation edge of this fascinating vertical.

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Trading and Fintech

Fintech, the portmanteau of finance and technology, represents the collision of two worlds—and the evolution of the use of technology in financial services. Financial services and technology are locked in a firm embrace, and with this union comes both disruption and synergies. FinTechs have the ability to disrupt four categories of incumbents' business – market share, margins, information security/privacy and customer churn.


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