Disrupt in the right place, at the right time


Education Disrupt

The process of disruption begins in the early school years. If we want our society to be truly positively disrupted and for the next generations to go and prosper and make our country into a superhub of excellence and innovation, we need to disrupt the education sector. 

People are often worried about disrupting the education sector because they feel it's gambling with the next generation's future. It's much more of a gamble NOT to disrupt it.

The world is changing, and so the education system needs to adapt. We have incredible educational partners who pave the way for scalable and ethical educational disruption.

Startup Disrupt

Our first officially-launched fasttrack. We are incredibly proud of this 'baby' of ours. 

The whole world is changing, with disruptive technologies, new approaches to state organisations and educations, and the shaking up of old institutions. Startups have been at the forefront of this revolution for the past few years.

We bring together talented individuals, mentors, companies, host events, and create a space for any curious mind and institution to thrive in. We encourage and actively support innovation and don’t see ‘disruption’ as a bad word; we see it as a mechanism for a better, scalably fast-paced future.

Government Disrupt

Are you an ambassador wishing to innovate? A minister seeking advice on policy-making? A think tank? A state employee wishing to create change? Or simply anyone interested in scalably and ethically disrupting the state and helping our society evolve?

Get in touch. We have a unique network of embassies, ministries, politicians, thought leaders, and governmental experts we can connect you with to make sure the institutions that govern us are as effective and innovative as possible, while maintaining our safety and wellbeing.

You can be a national institution AND be the leader in innovation. Come find out how.

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