Frequently Asked Questions


What are you? Are you a hub, a mentoring programme, what exactly?

Think of IDH as a literal house under the roof of which you have all of Czech Republic's talent, innovations, networks, and disruptive industries. For now, we're a virtual 'house' which hosts events, publishes interesting content, accelerates networks, and helps people connect and innovate. Our ultimate aim is to have a physical hub where key partners and businesses would be located. Stay tuned - we aim to launch this towards the end of 2020 and places in this hub are already very hotly sought after! We can't wait to create this multidisciplinary 'disrupt lab'!

Who can use IDH?

Anyone's welcome! From our extensive experience in the startup, education, and governmental sectors, we see one common underlying thread; frustration from lack of centralisaion in innovation. One million hubs and 'initiatives' everywhere, and this ofter diffuses talent, energy, money, and outcomes when it comes to effective innovation. 

It doesn't matter who you are. You come from the outside into IDH, whether you’re an embassy, a student, a CEO, or a tech enthusiast. You ‘knock on our door’. You then choose your ‘FastTrack’ of where you want to innovate – Education, Startups, or Governments. Then you pick whether you want to do it in a profit or non-profit way. Finally, you tell us if you have a particular vertical in mind (automotive/ecology/fintech, etc – see our website for more details) OR if you want to connect to a specific partner (see our website). We then facilitate that introduction and help you on your way to fruitful cooperation.

How do you cooperate with Startup Disrupt?

The Startup Disrupt team was founded in 2020 and is dedicated to help business and tech disruptors to change the ‘old’ way of thinking in industries, products, and services.

The idea has been built by people from global entrepreneur communities and startup enthusiasts. The purpose of Startup Disrupt is to become a startup platform designed to provide knowledge, inspiration, connection to entrepreneurs, startup founders, technology innovators and startup communities all over the world.

Startup Disrupt will eventually become one of the three core pillars of Innovation Disrupt House. IDH, or Innovation Disrupt House is the brainchild of Patrik Juranek and Sara Boutall who saw an opportunity in not only launching Startup Disrupt, but also giving some attention to the verticals which need attention and disruption in societies all over the globe to keep up with the fast-paced commercial world.

Those verticals are Education and Government. This decision grew out of the desire to be multidisciplinary in our approach to diversifying and disrupting society. We want to make sure that the incredible talent, (either homegrown and native to the Czech Republic or coming in from abroad), doesn’t get lost in the dynamic market and knows where to go if they want to innovate and shake things up. At IDH, anyone can connect into the Education/Government/Startup Network, and get taken from A>B quickly, all under the roof of one hub which centralizes all the innovations and key partners in the country.

Do I need to pay anything?

No! Simply get in touch, and get connected. We don't want money to be an obstacle in innovation. We are launching a partnership scheme soon which we'll keep you updated up on in case you want to be involved on a sponsorship/partner level, but IDH users come and go for free.

What types of activities can I partake in?

Innovation Disrupt House is a larger concept that will eventually encapsulate all of these activities below for the Educational and Governmental sphere too. However, for the time being, we’re ready to rock and roll with Startup Disrupt fasttrack and the following amazing activities you can partake in as a part of our community.

Community Events

Sharing stories about why and how we got to where we are is the alpha and omega of being human, and for learning from each other. We organize online fireside chats, panel discussions, female leaders sessions, university sessions with young leaders, Czech-IN events for companies who lead their expansion to Czechia.

Mentoring Sessions

Everyone needs a mentor at some point in their life. Regardless of whether you’re in Year 1 or a CEO of a multimillion-dollar startup, mentorship is core to development, innovation, and scaling your success. We are here to support startup founders, designers, developers, engineers, and other creative and bright minds to pursue their dreams and goals.

Corporate Innovation

Innovate, innovate, innovate. Otherwise, you can’t disrupt anything. We want startups to succeed and in order to be able to do that, it is important to help them with potential customers and strategic partners and take off their company from the ground to the top.

Get Funded

Ah, the golden ticket. Literally. You can have brilliant ideas and can be the next Elon Musk in the making, but you need money (even if it is a small-ish initial injection) to get them off the ground. In a time where lots of startups fail because they’re not profitable, not only getting funding but also good advice on what to do with that money is core to building a lasting, profitable project. We are here to help you with funding and share our best practices and connect you with top investment players on the market.

Startup Show

This is a bit of a teaser. We’ve got some incredibly exciting things in the pipeline and are even branching out into the world of reality TV. Startup Show will show you the true side of entrepreneurship! So stay tuned. Literally.


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