Our Story

IDH, or Innovation Disrupt House is the brainchild of Patrik Juranek and Sara Boutall who saw an opportunity in not only launching Startup Disrupt, but also giving some attention to the verticals which need attention and disruption in societies all over the globe to keep up with our fast-paced world.

Those verticals are Education and Government. This decision grew out of the desire to be multidisciplinary in our approach to diversifying and disrupting society. We want to make sure that the incredible talent, (either homegrown and native to the Czech Republic or coming in from abroad), doesn’t get lost in the dynamic market and knows where to go if they want to innovate and shake things up. At IDH, anyone can connect into the Education/Government/Startup Network, and get taken from point A to point B quickly, all under the roof of one hub which centralizes all the innovations and key partners in the country.

So how does the IDH group all of this together? Think of it like a literal house which is supported by three pillars; Startup Disrupt, Education Disrupt, Government Disrupt. You come from the outside, whether you’re an embassy, a student, a CEO, or a tech enthusiast. You ‘knock on our door’. You then choose your ‘FastTrack’ of where you want to innovate – Education, Startups, or Governments. Then you pick whether you want to do it in a profit or non-profit way. Finally, you tell us if you have a particular vertical in mind (automotive/ecology/fintech, etc – see our website for more details) OR if you want to connect to a specific partner (see our website). We then facilitate that introduction and help you on your way to fruitful cooperation.

Our big plan is to eventually spread this model across the world, and help startups, educational, and state institutions to scale and innovate quickly but scalably.

We want to innovate through disruption. And we’re proud to be making it happen.

Come with us on this journey.


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